We design our projects around each mission of the Lab.

Projects with mission


Responsible Business Practices (RBP)
For today’s consumers, it is more important than ever to have transparent information about a company’s business conduct. A company’s competitiveness and the health of the communities around it are closely intertwined. Understanding and applying this concept of “shared value” has the power to stimulate economic growth.

What does it mean for a logistics company? In which areas should logistics companies be responsible in particular?

The report provides trends and recommendations.

RBP - 2


The Carbon Dashboard
The Carbon Dashboard is a Supply Chain management tool which maps CO2e as an integrated business parameters, to enable beneficial supply chain decision points.

 Carbon Dashboard - 2


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)


Extended Producer Responsibility profiles for 8 countries in Asia Pacific and Africa.

EPR is a policy tool that includes a manufacturers’ responsibility for life-cycle costs of their products and associated packaging. This encourages cleaner, safer materials and production processes, as well as it eliminates waste at each stage of the product’s life cycle.

EPR is successfully used in Europe, but what is the status here in Asia and what role can Logistics companies play?

Then report analyses trends and developments in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) as a way to avoid waste and promote recycling.

In addition, we created a case study for academic, teaching, publication and research activities of SMU and other institution of higher education.


Other completed projects and initiatives are as follow:

  IT Applications Research Outreach Education
Carbon Dashboard 2.0 [pdf]      
Carbon Data Robot      
Envirosolutions Australia Teaching Case: End-of-Life Management Services for e-Waste      
Extended Producer Responsibility      
Green Best Practices    
Green Freight Asia Teaching Case: Driving Sustainable Supply Chain Practices      
iSCCM: Integrated Supply Chain and Carbon Modelling [pdf]      
Project Management Tracker      
Responsible Business Practices      
Road King Dashboard: A Customer Engagement and Financial Impact Tool      
Shipping Container Load Optimisation [pdf]      
Supply Chain Industry Workshop @ Metaheuristic Intl Conf      
Sustainability Heatmap    

On-going projects and initiatives:

  IT Applications Research Outreach Education
Carbon Dashboard Frontend – Quick Scan    
City Logistics      
GFA Collaborations      
Ocean Freight Trade-lane Decision Analytics    
Online Energy Certificate      
Responsible Business Practices-2.0 – Impact Analyses    
Road Freight Study      
Shared Value/ Innovative logistics CSR products  

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