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4 Nov 2016

Award for Research in Maritime Energy Evaluation

Research by Assistant Professor Tan Kar Way from SMU School of Information Systems (SIS) and her colleagues at DHL-SMU Green Transformation Lab (GTL) on energy sustainability efforts in maritime terminal operations has garnered the Special Mention Award by the Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI).
Source Link: SMU News Room - Research

4 May 2016

Moving Towards a Circular Economy

To bring sustainability to the supply chain, companies may first need to rethink their existing business models, according to speakers at the 2016 Logistics & Supply Chain Symposium. From diapers to mobile phones, disposable items designed to improve our lives are unfortunate emblems of our ‘throwaway culture’.
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22 April 2016

SMU students showcase apps for volunteer organisations and hawkers

Singapore Management University (SMU) Information Systems Application Programme students showcased 32 of their capstone projects on Friday. A capstone project is the equivalent of a final-year project for all School of Information Systems students.
Source Link: The Straits Times - Education


28 March 2016

SMU-DHL collaboration yields unconventional solutions in sustainable logistics

In a successful example of industry-academic cooperation, Singapore Management University's (SMU) Green Transformation Lab (GTL), set up jointly with DHL, has worked with more than 150 undergraduate and postgraduate...
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6 November 2015


DHL has been awarded 'Best Practice Leadership in Energy Management' at the 2015 Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) Singapore, marking the second time DHL has been recognized with the award.
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23 December 2014

Making a Sustainable Transition to E-Commerce

The Internet may have revolutionised the way we shop, but at the end of the day, physical goods still need to be delivered into dense city centres. Can urban logistics be made more sustainable?
Source Link: SMU News Room – Research


22 December 2014

School of Information Systems student bags two sustainability awards

SMU-DHL Environmental Sustainability Award and NEA EcoFriend Awards for the Youth & Students Category Mr Victor Lee Hong Zhi’s journey to promoting and advocating environmental protection and sustainable development…
Source Link: SMU News Room – SIS


15 December 2014

Clean and Green Next Generation Port

SMU and MPA to Promote Research and Innovation for a Clean and Green Next Generation Port SMU and Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 25 November 2014 to promote research and innovation for a clean and green Next Generation Port.
Source Links: MPA Media Centre- News Releases


11 December 2014

DHL Wins Accolade for Energy Management

DHL, the world’s leading international logistics services provider, was announced the winner in the Energy Management category at the 2014 Sustainable Business Awards Singapore ceremony.
Source Link: SMU News Room – InvestorPoint


Nov/Dec 2014

NEA ENVISION Magazine Issue 7

Asia’s logistics industry is shifting to improve efficiency and environmental performance, but will SMEs see rubber hit the road?
Source Link: NEA’s Envision Magazine Publications


10 October 2014

Sustainable Business Award 2014

DHL, the world’s leading international logistics services provider, received the “Sustainable Business Award” for the Large Enterprise category at the Singapore Sustainability Awards (SSA) ceremony.
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Nov/Dec 2013

NEA ENVISION Magazine Issue 5

Greening the Supply Chain A new Singapore partnership aims to advance supply chain data analytics and cut emissions in the global logistics industry.
Source Link: NEA’s Envision Magazine Publications


9 May 2013

DHL and Singapore Management University launch Green Transformation Lab

S$2 million sustainable logistics research and development centre to speed adoption of green supply chains across Asia Pacific and globally.
Source Link: DHL Press Release 2013




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